Case Study - CiscoUSA

CiscoUSA is a leader in the manufacturing industry. They have an extremely skilled and experienced team and we were grateful to work with them. They came to Strategency just wanting a basic website redesign so they can appear more professional and build their online presence, although they walked away with much more than that.

The Challenge

CiscoUSA is and always has been a very forward-thinking team that is on the cutting edge of their industry, and they have worked with prestigious and international clients such as Telcel, Pepsi, Bud Light, The Los Angeles Lakers, and Coors Light. The problem was their website did not reflect this same vision.

The Solution

They needed a team of expert individuals to help them display their vision of CiscoUSA and the culture they had made with their clients onto their website and turn their vision into a digital reality.

WordPress Design and Art

On the homepage of their website, we have created a unique drawing of a process that they go through with their clients. Product design is something that CiscoUSA provides and we helped them showcase their ability to do that on the front page of their website.

WordPress Portfolio Page

In business, past experiences, and success are very important to potential clients. We created a new portfolio page and enabled it to where each past project is clickable and it generates a new page. This enables the CiscoUSA team to create custom portfolio pages and also send them directly to potential clients to help them understand exactly how they can help them.

3D Catalogue Flip Book

Cisco has a catalog of products that help showcase its manufacturing ability. On their old site, they just had this as a download to view. We made it so it can be viewed without downloading and you can scroll through it just like an actual book. This is really only appreciated if you see it for yourself.


The redesign of emphasizes the “Merchants of the World” brand image. The updated client testimonials and exchange of information helps to illustrate Cisco’s credibility with being in business for 45 years.
A Vision Without Strategy
Remains An Illusion.

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