Do you think website maintenance is important?

Do you think website maintenance is important?

Think of your website like a car. You spend all this time looking at different dealers, brands and models. You finally pick your favorite and you spend thousands of dollars to get it. 

Do you plan to never get an oil change? Your car requires fuel to use and drive around. Do you want to protect your new car that you love so much?

You spend so much time and energy building your website and protecting your brand image. If you do not spend at least a little time and effort on maintaining your website you will end up paying for it.


There are thousands of people all around the world constantly trying to hack into your website and cause chaos.

There are numerous types of viruses and malware that can literally ruin your website and take it to the point of no return. This can be very nerve wracking and this was a reality I have dealt with personally. 

At the same time nearly all of this can be avoided by taking just a few extra precautions to keep the hackers out.

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Website Maintenance Plan

If your site sits dormant it is that much easier for anyone to be able to find a crack and sneak their way in without anyone noticing. 

With constant website maintenance, we will be checking your website on a monthly basis. Making sure everything is running properly, and testing it to make sure there are no new viruses or bugs that have made their way onto your website.

Your website has new updates to its plugins and themes constantly, you must download each and every new update so hackers can not find a way into the backend of your site.

Website Backups

Under the Strategency website Maintenance Plan we will routinely back up your website! This gives you peace of mind to know that your website is safe no matter what happens.

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Website Hosting

If you are using cheap or low quality website hosting you are much more susceptible to an attack on your site. We can migrate your website onto our cloud based hosting plan which comes with higher quality services. 

When we develop your website we take every precaution necessary, and hosting is a very important step in this process.

Features such as

Website Migration

We can move your website onto our hosting plan professionally and with ease. Migrating your website on your own comes with many risks, such as:

  • Broken Internal Links 
  • Losing Content
  • Website Downtime
  • Domain Pointing Errors

We take this process seriously and take backups at every single point during the migration which means there is no risk letting us handle your website migration. Our patience and professionalism never wavers, no matter what project we are working on.

Work With Us

We specialize in all the types of maintenance services listed above and feel extremely confident we can provide you with a final product you will be excited about! Improving your online presence and digital assets is second to none in today’s world.

If you don’t improve your digital assets now, you will get left behind.

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