What is NFT Staking? – Complete Guide to NFT Staking

The practice of staking is becoming increasingly popular among many types of web 3 investors. “What is NFT staking” is a question many people are starting to ask.

It is a less difficult and time-consuming alternative to cryptocurrency mining. Staking offers investors the opportunity to earn extra money with their NFT. The tokens that have been deposited are held in a cryptocurrency wallet.

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What is Staking an NFT?

Staking is a form of passive income in which holders commit their NFTs to ensure the blockchain’s functionality. Investors obtain their well-deserved benefits as a result of this.

Staking allows you to earn money off of your NFT without selling it.

Participants in NFT staking are rewarded using a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm.

Users can earn rewards based on the annual percentage yield (APY) and/or the number of tokens they have locked up. In a larger sense, NFT staking gives NFTs additional use cases that go beyond just collecting digital art.

Benefits of Staking NFTs

Staking your tokens have the ability to earn you one or more of the following:

  • Staking your NFT assets can earn you cryptocurrency
  • Many projects may also reward you with an additional token if staked, or the ability to win a giveaway
  • Staking boosts the efficiency and security of Proof-of-Work blockchains.
  • The more tokens that are staked in a particular project increase the rarity of the NFTs that are available to buy which makes the NFTs more valuable on secondary markets

Risks of NFT Staking

With benefits, NFT staking is also associated with some risks. Here is a list of risks that you should be aware of when staking:

  • The price of the token could fall during staking
  • Staking may force you to hold your NFT in the staked wallet for a period of time
  • When utilizing NFT staking pools, you must trust the project as you move your tokens into their staking wallet
  • Gas fees are often involved in the process of staking

Where can I stake NFTs?

You must purchase a token that supports staking. There are many projects that do and don’t support staking. The majority of NFT staking projects come from play-to-earn games but many projects are built around the ability to stake and earn crypto passively.

How do I know if I can stake my NFT?

Not all NFTs can be staked in order to get rewards. Because the criteria for different projects differ, it’s best to double-check with your selected projects before making a purchase. This will determine whether or not your tokens can be staked.

How Much Money Can I Make Staking an NFT?

Staking NFTs will provide you with the chance to gain incentives. But there are many things that you must be aware of, including the asset’s ability to produce an income stream from royalties on secondary sales, which can directly affect how much money you can make by staking.

The premise is that staking will help attract crypto investors and increase much-needed liquidity, hence speeding up the development of the NFT ecosystem. 

How much money you can make is largely determined by the success and popularity of the NFT project.

Example of an NFT Staking Project

There are many projects where you can buy and stake your NFT. For example, CyberKongz, Axie Infinity, and Mutant Cats.

Mutant Cats is the first DAO to buy Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, and other valuable blue-chip NFTs and fractionalize them for distribution to its members. NFT collectors now desire collectibles with added usefulness, such as DAO access, treasury money, and incentives, as demonstrated by Mutant Cats.

You earn $FISH tokens by staking your Mutant Cat, which are ERC20 tokens that can be used to increase your Mutant Gorillas’ ability to manufacture more serum to treat the cats. These FISH tokens are a small part of the DAO’s total holdings of NFTs, which total about $3 million.

Are you ready to stake your tokens to earn rewards? How do you think NFT staking will grow in the future?

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Disclaimer: This post is just for informational purposes and does not constitute investment or financial advice. We will not be held liable for any investment decisions you make. Before taking any financial risks, please obtain expert guidance.

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