Case Study - Goat and Seed

Goat and Seed home page on mobile and desktop

Goat and Seed is one of those businesses that once you learn about them you want to support their mission and what they are doing. They are trying to help people and the world by promoting healthy living, sustainability, and natural foods.

The Challenge

The big challenge with this website development project was that the owner was trying to do so much good in the world, he had started multiple businesses and had them spread across different business names and websites. But once you look at all of these businesses individually, they had the same message.
goat and seed home page before

The Solution

So what we did together was clarify their message and purpose and get everything they were trying to accomplish under the same website. This helped his business in so many ways. The last thing you want to do is confuse your customers!


We added WooCommerce functionality for people to be able to purchase their products on the site and have them shipped or delivered directly to their homes.

WordPress Design

Building a responsive WordPress website is our specialty! We love to use WordPress and we feel it is the best in the industry.
Goat and seed home page mobile and desktop

Landing Page Design

Depending on what kind of business you run, you may be in need of a high-quality landing page. We focus on creating landing pages that properly display what the business is trying to sell, and have high conversion rates. This is exactly what we did for Goat and Seed.


  • Improved Website Speed
  • High Converting Landing Page
  • Improved User Experience
  • Improved Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Responsive Website and Design
Goat and seed performance report
A Vision Without Strategy
Remains An Illusion.

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